Refund an Order With an Open edx Course from a WooCommerce Order#

You will learn how to refund an Open edX product from a WooCommerce order.


Refund an Open edX Course#

To refund products in order with WooCommerce, you can follow the WooCommerce Refund Documentation.

For a refund to generate an un-enrollment in your Open edX platform, the following is required:

  1. The item you will refund must be an Open edX Course (How-to: Create an Open edX Course in WordPress).

  2. You need to add a Quantity for that item.

    Refund process marking the course to be refunded

Expected Behavior#

  • When the refund is made, an Enrollment Request with the Un-enroll request type will automatically be created in your WordPress site.

  • Have a course enrollment with the course and user and the is_active flag in False in your Open edX platform.

Next Steps#